Founded in November 2002, the Harris County Archives preserves, protects and provides access to the permanent and historical records created by the government of Harris County. Our collections include records from the Assessor and Collector of Taxes, Medical Examiner’s Office (Institute of Forensic Science), Juvenile Probation, Social Services, Justices of the Peace, Commissioners, and County Judges to name only a few of the over 70 offices whose records are in the archives. Adding depth to the understanding of the history of the county are private manuscript collections documenting Harris County and its people including the Heritage Society Map Collection, The Michael Driscoll Papers, J. E. (Mac) McCain Photograph Collection, and the A. E. Amerman Collection.
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Subdivision Plats and Surveys  Subdivision Plats and Surveys - Thursday, July 12, 2018

Plats and surveys from the Heritage Society Map Collection have been scanned and uploaded to the Harris County Digital Archives.  Enjoy! 

Help Recover Texas History  Help Recover Texas History - Monday, May 21, 2018

Please help to recover documents that have been stolen from your local and state government over the years.  Read more with this document from the Texas State Archives.

Harris County Digitial Archives  Harris County Digitial Archives - Friday, October 20, 2017

Hosted by the Harris County Public Library, the Harris County Digital Archives allows the display of digitized images of records in the Harris County Archives. Explore -- street scenes from 1967 -- scrapbooks from the Old Folks Home and Training School for Girls -- photographs from historic flooding -- reports on traffic planning from the 1940s. Want a record digitized?  Contact Us!