The Harris County 1910 Courthouse


In August 2011, Harris County rededicated its 100 year old courthouse. Designed by the architectural firm of Lang and Witchell and built at a cost of $500,000, the courthouse stood as a proud symbol of stability, strength, and justice to the people of Houston and Harris County.

After years of overcrowding and a remodeling project in the early 1950s that introduced modern air conditioning, upgraded electrical and plumbing, brought the entrances to street level, and added additional elevators and courtrooms, only passing resemblance to the original courthouse remained. The skylight and exterior staircases were dismantled. Floors were built across the atrium. Ceilings were lowered, mosaic tile floors were trenched, and plaster moldings were smashed.

After the new Civil Courthouse was built and the 1910 courthouse emptied of its occupants, work began in 2004 on what would eventually be an eight year project to restore the courthouse to its previous glory.

Come, visit Harris County’s 1910 Courthouse at 301 Fannin Street, Houston, Texas. Currently home to the 1st and 14th Courts of Appeal, the courthouse is open from 8:00 – 5:00, Monday through Friday. Self-guided tour brochures are available from the security personnel.  In addition, a new audio tour can be played on an individual's smart phone at  Don't have a smart phone?  Security personnel can help you obtain an audio player.

If you are interested in using the courthouse for a meeting or an event, an online reservation service is available at  or contact Customer Service, Universal Services, 713.274.9796.